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Increase sales by understanding Why Customers Don't Buy!

3 More Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy!


Why Customers Don’t Buy

Losing a sale can be a painful experience.  You identified your potential customer.  Then you spent hours, days or weeks engaging the client.  Finally, you proposed a solution.  All of these efforts consumed time and energy that you could have been spending with another potential customer who would have purchased from you.  It just hurts (and costs!) to lose a sale.  To avoid future pain and the financial loss that comes with it, consider why you might have lost the sale

You might have seen my first Three Reasons That Customers Don’t Buy blog post on the Xoombi.com website.  If you haven’t, then see the link at the bottom of the page to find three additional reasons that your customers might not be purchasing from you.

  1. No apparent urgency – As a salesperson you should learn to love deadlines. Look for them.  If your customers have deadlines and they need to achieve results by a given date, your chances of providing a solution to them will increase greatly. Accounting software salespeople know that they will see seasonal increases in sales in the months leading up to the end date of a company’s fiscal year. This is because their prospective customers will often need to purchase software to get their books organized prior to the end of their fiscal year.  Immediately following the close of that year they will need to generate year end financial statements for the stakeholders of the companies, banks, insurance companies etc.  Find customers who have deadlines and position your offer to them in a timely manner that coincides with the buying cycles that are imposed by the deadlines.  If your customers don’t have natural deadlines such as a year end close, then create deadlines.  Make them discounted offers that expire on a given date.  People will want to realize the savings that you are offering and they will purchase now, rather than later, if they know that the opportunity will disappear.
  2. The purchasing process was too difficult – Some companies make it to difficult to purchase from them.  When it isn’t easy to purchase from a company, customers will take their business elsewhere.  I used to purchase items occasionally from Radio Shack.  When going in their store to purchase batteries or something simple, I remember that it would take about 3 minutes to fill out the paperwork just to purchase something as benign as batteries.  Why wouldn’t they just let me hand them cash and then take the batteries.  As a result, I quit purchasing from them regularly.  Those purchases were a decade ago and I still remember those encounters years later.  Find out ways to make “the process” of doing business with you and your company as simple as it can possibly be.  Many of your customers will purchase where the path of least resistance to the solution is offered.  Position your company and solution at the end of that path.
  3. Your offer wasn’t clear enough.  Every offer must be clear.  Check the following list to make sure that your offers answer the following questions. These are just a handful of questions that your customer might be thinking but not asking.  If they don’t ask, and don’t get the answers, they might not make the purchase.  Increase your chances of closing this business by making a clear offer.
    1. What is the scope of your offer?  What is included, what is excluded? Don’t go overboard.  Just make sure that most of the reasonable questions are answered in the scope.
    2. What other items will be required of your customers before you can close the transaction.  i.e. a credit check, a signature of the proposal.
    3. What are the next steps after the order is placed
    4. How long will it take to receive the solution that is being offered.
    5. Is there any additional instruction that I will need in order to receive the full benefit of the solution.

Improve the clarity of your offer and increase your sales.  To see my first post on Three Reasons That Customers Don’t Buy.

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