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6 Questions to test and IMPROVE your Value Proposition

Six Questions to test and IMPROVE your Value Proposition

Test Your Value Proposition

Test Your Value Proposition









Every company must have a Value Proposition (VP) to compete profitably in business.  I layout a very specific definition and guideline for building a winning value proposition here.  After building your VP test how effective it is by answering the following questions.  If you need help revamping the VP then check out the link above to re-engineer your value proposition to increase profitable revenue.

  1. How obvious is your value proposition?
  2. Is your value proposition specific?
  3. Is your value proposition succinct?
  4. Will people actually remember your value proposition?
  5. Is your value proposition strong enough and clear enough to cause someone to chose your business AND your product over that of your competitor?
  6. Does your value proposition make a clear case that your client WILL NOT get the same level of value from any of your competitors?

How do you feel after reading these six questions?  Did you grade yourself well?  If not, click the link above and get to work.  If so, great work.  I would love to hear any comments that you have about how to build a strong value proposition or any additional questions that you would use to TEST a value proposition.



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