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How to change bad habits. How habits form and how to change them

How to change Bad Habits | TEDx Video of Expert Charles Duhigg

Change Bad Habits - Duhigg

Change Bad Habits – Charles Duhigg


How much are good and bad habits affecting your life and business?  Do you have great habits that allow you to exceed goals and self expectations?  Maybe you are trying unsuccessfully to change bad habits that cause you to under perform?  Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, has good news for you.  In his book The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business (and the video below), Duhigg clearly explains how we can modify our behaviors (change bad habits) to accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves and achieve happiness and satisfaction in life.

Mr. Duhigg has received a number of awards, including the George Polk Award, The Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, a Loeb Award, the Investigative Reporters and Editors’ Medal, the National Academies’ reporting award, the investigative reporting award from the Society of Environmental Journalists, the 2009 Science in Society Journalism Award, and recognition from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Columbia University the Deadline Awards, and elsewhere.

Before joining the New York Times, Mr. Duhigg was a reporter with The Los Angeles Times. A native of New Mexico, he studied history at Yale and received a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

In the TED(x) video below, Duhigg states “Each habit consists of cues and rewards.  If you engage in mindfulness where you are aware of what is driving the cues and rewards in your life then you have the ability to change any habit that you have”. In this 15 minute video Duhigg relays strategic findings on habit formation and the psychology and neuroscience that drives changes in behavior. With this knowledge you will learn how to change bad habits and replace them with good habits.

Check out the video and then “change the habits” in our life.  You can do it!

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