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How to be a better salesperson – Learn from an expert

Published on February 17, 2013 By Mack Powers

Have you ever considered that you can learn how to be a better salesperson from a marketing person?  Many times salespeople think that the only way that they can learn about how to be a better salesperson is by listening to sales managers, sales vice presidents or other successful sales people.  It is true that […]

A Sales Mediator! This is your new sales role

Published on May 18, 2009 By Mack Powers

In the past you probably have played the role of a facilitator. Today however, your role might be closer to the role of a mediator than you have ever experienced. Have you considered the difference?

What can a dog teach you about sales?

Published on February 26, 2009 By Mack Powers

What can a dog teach us about sales. Quite a bit! Read this blog to learn more.

Sales Process – Keep your eye on the door, not the counter!

Published on January 29, 2009 By Mack Powers

As sales people we are taught to understand the sales process for each of our pipeline opportunities. Much of the sales process focus is on the work that is completed prior to making the sale.  However, something happened yesterday that reminded me of how important that it is to understand the sales process from the […]